Play pre-recorded sound file during call with dialcode, to all parties and have it be recorded?

I did the following in




playdisclaimer => #9,peer,Playback,tt-monkeys

This seems to be almost hitting my needs. It will only play the sound file for the opposite party, and the the party entering the dial code all i hear at the moment is dead air.

Is there any way i can get this to play for both parties? And more importantly, i have call recording turned on, i need this to be on the call recording. When i tested it all i heard on the call recording was dead air while monkeys was playing back. Any way to make sure it’s recorded?

Start with

note the self/callee caller/callee/both bits.

ActivatedBy ActivatedBy is no longer honored. The feature is activated by which channel DYNAMIC_FEATURES includes the feature is on. Use a pre-dial handler to set different values for DYNAMIC_FEATURES on the channels. Historic values are: “caller”, “callee”, and “both”.

this whole variable seems to be depreciated?

the alternative seems to be

ActivateOn This is the channel of the call that the application will be executed on. Valid values are “self” and “peer”. “self” means run the application on the same channel that activated the feature. “peer” means run the application on the opposite channel from the one that has activated the feature.

which only has self or peer options.

ok, i got help from another user on another forum. using the music on hold feature, i set a music on hold group to the same audio file i want played, now it’s played on both channels and copied to the recording.

I don’t believe that Asterisk can run features on two channels at once, although it can now run initial announcements in parallel, but as pointed out recently, initial announcements go to internal callers as well.

To record the sound on the B side, you need to place the monitor on the B side. That probably means using a custom (probably pre-dial) hook , rather than something supported by the GUI. (Note: I haven’t tried this, and there may be reasons why it still doesn’t work.)

I’m assuming the person triggering the announcement is the caller. As I’d expect recording to always be done on the caller’s side, regardless of who triggered the feature. If that’s not the case, the internals are more complex than I thought.

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