Play music during talk

Person A and Person B

  1. Person A call Person B.
  2. Person B receive call and listen music.
  3. Also Person A listen Person B talk with that music.

Is it possible freePBX? if possible how can i do this?

We’re going to need more.

There are ways to do what you’re asking, but there are things missing that will help us give you a better answer.

Where is Person A calling from? An extension, a POTS phone, or it doesn’t matter?
How are you expecting Person B to listen to music? Person A put them on hold? This part is really important.
Depending on how Person B sends the call for Person A to listen to music, why would person B want to also listen to the music?

Is this an attempt at Karaoke by Phone, perhaps?

If I’m understanding correctly (both A & B will be live on the call, able to hear each other, AND music is to be played to both A & B), you’re likely looking at needing a custom context add to a Conference Room, such that music is played via cmd Background() after more than one Caller has entered the Conference. If you use a customized Conference Room, it would fit the “Karaoke by Phone” idea by allowing more than one person to listen in. By using the Leader and Mute functions of the Conference, you could ensure that the speaker/singer/presenter isn’t being interrupted by talking or noise from others…or leave everyone un-muted and get that crowd feedback noise (ANC permitting).

I know I kinda ran with that Karaoke example, but I struggle to think of other use case scenarios for playing music AND allowing talking/unmuted with multiple people on a call. :man_shrugging:

OoOoOo…just thought of another…soothing quiet background music for things like group distanced meditation and even perhaps counseling sessions. Again, we’re likely needing a Conf Rm with custom context add using Background() cmd, but I digress.


  1. Person A calling from post phone.
  2. Person A & B will be live on the call, able to hear each other, music/sound is to be played to both A & B
  3. But Person A just listen music and Person B talking. like mute

The system just like “PrankDial App”.

@TheWebMachine thank you.

My concept just like “PrankDial app”. is it possible, if i using Background() cmd in the Conf Rm context?

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