Play .mp3 or .wav into chanell

I have an extension e.g 100003 and there is a “talking” with extension e.g. 100004. I need to play .mp3 or .wav into this channel.

100003 and 100005 uses SIP softphones.

How to do it step by step?


  1. You can imagine that this .mp3/.wav is an advertisment.
  2. This is only internal system - no external trunks etc.

You can’t do it from the GUI, you will need to use the Asterisk extensions (scripting language), here is a link to the command that accomplished what you want.

You will have to get the call into your custom call flow via a transfer or a meetme.

Yes I know that I should use Asterisk commands… but I still have no idea how to do it?

after reading I have no idea too…

What would you like me to tell you? You either need to learn how to program Asterisk or pay someone to do it for you.

It’s not a step by step, it’s a process.

Asterisk is a tool.