Play message when hangup


I have a specific feature needed and wonder if it’s possible with freepbx or asterisk dialplan.

So the behavior need to be this.

Caller A call the Number X.
Freepbx get the call on Number X and forward the call to a custom destination (cellular) B

So we get Caller A talking to Cust Dest B.

The Cust Dest B will never hangup (it is a Cellular Voicemail all times).

So Caller A will record his message to the Cellular Voicemail Cust Dest B.
Then will hangup.

The behavior i need is that the FreePBX detect when the Caller A Hangup and still keep the call with Cust Dest B.
He will play a recorded message like “this call was sponsored by X” and then really hangup the call.

This to get on the Cellular Voicemail the message of the Caller A followed by an automated recorded message.

Is that somehow possible ?