Play announcement/music when a call is on hold

Hi experts,

I would like to know if it’s possible to play a music or announcement when a call is on hold.

The idea is when you are in a call a needs some time put the call on hold and play an announcement every 30 seconds that says “We’re working on it, please hold the line” .

Is it possible to configure it?

Did you even look at the the menus. One is clearly labeled Music on Hold

You can stack the sound files one after the other to achieve the interruption of a comfort message if you aren’t able to create your own music file using editing software. Click on the GUI setting as Jared suggests, it’s fairly intuitive.

Hi kierknoby,

I think I have not express it well. The problem is not how to create the audio (music+voice).

What I need is when a call is “on hold” how to play this audio.


I’ve configured the music on hold when a call is waiting to be pick up from a queue, but once you are in a call and you put it “on hold” how to play the music …

It should play the system wide “default” folder when you actively put someone on hold using the phone. So use the default file to achieve the comfort message you want by stacking sound files. If you want something else for ring groups etc, create another folder e.g. RG_MoH and select that instead of “default” in the ring group settings or whatever. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking as I’m sure you aren’t simply asking how to place someone on hold.

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