Play a sound (on receiving side) when answering incoming call


I saw a few posts about playing sound files in calls, but they always ask about playing sounds to the external people (which I agree, is what makes sense most of the times).

But I want to play an audio to my internal people at the beginning of the call.

I am basically trying to get a way to signal the difference between internal and external calls, but due to the limitations of some analog phones, I can’t get do it the normal ways (caller ids showing, different rings).

So I was thinking I could try, when somebody dials in, and my users pick it up, briefly playing to my users a voice “External call!” before connecting the call.

How could I achieve that? Thanks in advance for any tips.

Applications > Queues > Timing & Agent Options > Agent Announcement


Thanks for that pointer. That seems to be it. And it seems to work (with a problem, but I’ll leave that for later).

I saw another option there in the Queue, which I would like to try: instead of the “Agent announcement”, I tried

Applications > Queues > General Settings > Call Confirm: Yes
Applications > Queues > General Settings > Call Confirm Announcement: set one of my recorded sounds

But that doesn’t seem to be working. I take the call, but no confirmation (or any other recorded sound) is heard…

Call confirm only works when sending calls outside the system thru an outbound route.

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