Play a audio record on extension

Hello, How can i setup one extension to play a audio message after answer.
Asterisk Dial Options is a correct way ?

What are you actually trying to do. There are lots of ways to interpret what you asked, and all of those ways have “yes” as the answer, but every one of them is a different answer.

Hi Freeman,

As Dave said, you’ll need to tell us more of what you are trying to accomplish.

Assuming you want a simple “dial an extension to hear this audio” then look at Misc Applications.

Thank you dave, PitzKey

My case:

  1. call to ext:101 from ext:100

  2. After answer,

ext:101 listening voice message and than call is connected.

This audio playing rule I want only on ext:100

You can set it up on external calls with an IVR.
Internal calls, you’ll need to use a Misc Application to route to an announcement which will failover to the extension

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