Planned release of stable SNG7 distro

What is the envisioned approximate release date of a stable production version of the new Sangoma 7 distro?

1st Quarter of 2017. Just need to get FPBX 14 stable

If I install the beta version now and grab all the updates you will be releasing, will my version eventually be identical to the stable release, or will that be different and require a new install?

That is correct. Starting with this distro everything is just yum packages. All updates including from beta to stable will be easy to do.

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Everything done via “yum update”?

yes as outlined here.

Everything is done via ‘yum update’, that relates to the system. FreePBX modules are updated by Module Admin, as per usual, but you’ll notice some changes in the Module Admin sections (this is currently a Work-In-Progress, and isn’t complete yet, which is why it hasn’t been merged into the 14 branch) to handle this.