PJSIP (version 1.8 and 2.4) compilation error with arm-linux-gnueabihf toolchain version 4.8 on Olimex board for A20 processor

Hello All,
    I have one VoIP based application which will run on Olimex board.

    Currently pjsip version 1.8 use in application.

    Pjsip on board should talk with Asterisk on host machine. But on Olimex board A20 its not working properly.
    Pjsip restart some times it self and sometimes it does not find audio device while running on board.I write down below some of my configuration details below.

  For that different types of configuration which
    passed to pjsib final compiled binary as below:

  Is something missing or need to be modify on above configuration?
  I am facing problem to compile the pjsib. The results and observations of compilations are quit unexpected sometime. It compiled without any errors and sometimes it not compiled while configuration arguments same both times.

  Tool-chains used for compilation are Linaro gnueabihf.

  The configuration setting is same in all condition.
   Observations are:
  ./configure --host=arm-linux-gnueabihf --disable-floating-point LIBS=-lm

  1.    Toolchain - arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-4.7.3 - pjproject 2.4 - Not compiled Error - .pjsua2-lib-arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf.depend:1: *** missing separator.  Stop.

  2.    Toolchain - arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-4.8.3 - pjproject 2.4 - Not compiled Error - .pjsua2-lib-arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf.depend:1: *** missing separator.  Stop.

  3.    Toolchain - arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-4.7.3  - pjproject 1.8 - Not compiled Error - .pjsua2-lib-arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf.depend:1: *** missing separator.  Stop.

  4.    Toolchain - arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-4.8.3  - pjproject 1.8 - compiled successfully(as its generate binary) binary name - pjsua-arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf

  Any ideas related to this error.

  I saw all Makefile in pjproject and also checked about space that whether it is with 'TAB KEY SPACE' or without. But did not find any error, for that reason I did not make any conclusion that for which reason problems occurs.  
  Provide me some informations and details that How and which configuration arguments need to passed to pjsip binary for running on A20 processor?

  Which codecs need to passed and how audio device added to pjsip?

  (Mean to ask that if audio coded is on A20 processor it self then How to enable it? and How to pass it to pjsip? and Is it necessary to provide audio coded G722 to pjsib?)

Any help and suggestions will be helpful for me.

  Jaymin D

The error pjsua2-lib-arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf.depend:1: *** missing separator. Stop. can be solve by downloading toolchain of g++-arm-linux-gnueabihf or same version of toolchain (i.e g++-4.8-arm-linux-gnueabihf for gcc-4.8-arm-linux-gnueabihf)

After downloading the above toolchain, error removed and pjprojct-4.8 compiled successfully. But audio related features and other all things has not been verified yet. Means working properly or not as per board specification but binary compiled successfully.

Will update here next.
Anyone knows about audio input and output (speaker and mic) related setting and configuration for A20 processor(Olimex Micro board) then please share. It will help me lot.

Jaymin D