PJSIP update external IP address automatically?

How do I have my external IP address in Freepbx updated automatically when using PJSIP?
I am behind a dual wan situation and have DDNS, where my FQDN updates automatically.

I understand that there is the External Address setting under General SIP Settings, where you can press the Detect Network Settings to update the external IP address manually.
If you want that to happen automatically for chansip you can provide a Dynamic Host under Chansip Settings and set a refresh intervall.

How do I do the same thing with PJSIP?
There is a External IP Address field under PJSIP settings, is that where I put my FQDN?
Does it update periodically like chansip?

Need @jcolp to confirm, but as far as I know, there is not yet support for PBX behind NAT and dynamic IP with PJSIP.

Within Asterisk the field does accept a hostname and if dnsmgr is enabled it will regularly resolve and update itself.


I assume the external_signaling_address and external_media_address under the transport section is where the hostname belongs, right?
That is what gets populated when I set a hostname on FreePBX GUI under PJSIP/External IP Address.

How is that done for PJSIP on FreePBX systems?

Yes, those are the fields. I don’t work on FreePBX so I do not know if/how dnsmgr is enabled.

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Enabled by default on the 13 and 14 system I just checked:

lorne14-pro*CLI> dnsmgr status
DNS Manager: enabled
Refresh Interval: 300 seconds
Number of entries: 0
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I have one HA system on 10.13.66-22 (Asterisk 13.18.3), where dnsmgr is disabled.

How do I enable it?

[[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/asterisk/dnsmgr.conf

file owned by asterisk:asterisk

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There is no file dnsmgr.conf on that system, shall I just add it?

Added the file and reloaded Asterisk, thanks.

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