PJSIP Show Peers Question

Still testing our new Asterisk 13 box which is setup with PJSIP instead of Channel Sip… the command Sip Show Peers only shows trunks whats is the command to show the peers?

pjsip show endpoints is what I think you’re looking for

Thanks Rob, that’s exactly it… and (smacking myself) I ran core show help and managed to get the list of other pjsip commands


I have used this before, but is there a way to get a more simply 1 line per extension list similar to sip show peers? I say this because at a glance you can get a lot of info with the old method and the pjsip isn’t as clean and quick because each extension has multiple lines of information.


Not really. You can do pjsip show contacts which will show you all the contacts and their URI’s, RTT times, etc.

Remember this is PJSIP which can have multiple contacts per endpoint unlike Chan_SIP which is one. So a single endpoint would list all the contacts for it.