Pjsip / ring group: caller gets no ring back

Same problem again - now related to pjsip: if you’re using pjsip (chan_sip is not loaded at all), inbound callers via trunk get no ring back, because FreePBX 14.x just sends a 183 session progress with moh or inband ringing - which is blocked by the voip provider (early media isn’t supported).
Using chan_sip, the solution years ago was to use progressinband=never, but the corresponding inband_progress=no for pjsip (which is default in asterisk 16.x) doesn’t do the trick.
How can I force a ring group w/ pjsip to send a 180 ringing instead of 183 session progress? Well, the solution (or workaround) is to activate “signal ringing” in the corresponding inbound route configuration (tab advanced).

BTW: follow me works fine as expected out of the box w/o the workaround described above!

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