PJSIP phones fall offline

Asterisk 16.17.0
Latest phone firmware
Endpoint Manager with DPMA

Brand new install using PJSIP and FreePBX OpenVPN through EPM.

Two of the phones keep going offline after a few minutes. Ext 126 and 101. What’s weird is if 126 goes offline, and I reboot it, it comes back online and then 101 will go offline. If I reboot 101 then it will come back up, go online and 126 will eventually go offline.

Found the issue.

Under the VPN server settings I had static VPN IP’s set for all the phones except 126. Since it had “none” in it’s VPN server settings, the VPN Server assigned it which was statically assigned to ext 101.

This to me seems like a bug. If an IP is statically set in the VPN Server to a client, that IP should NOT be given out automatically.

Technically, no. You have a dynamic pool set up to give addresses out from, If you assign a static address out of the pool but don’t tell the dynamic pool software, it would make sense that the duplication would occur.

yes… however to set the static is is a drop down that only gives you the ip’s from the pool…

Definitely a bad design on the FreePBX team side of things.

Looks like a bug to me too. Open a ticket and be aware that for now be consistent with how you set IP for all devices.

Ticket created

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