Pjsip parameters can't be extended for SIP trunks needing those

I want to extend a SIP strunk (using pjsip stack) with additionnal parameters.
example : use dtmf_method=info instead of default rfc 4733

  1. adding this in pjsip.custom.conf 'and then executing “core restart now” has no effect

  2. adding this in pjsip.endpoint_custom.conf like this:

does has effect : the SIP trunk is not working anymore as you see 2 instances now when entering “pjsip show endpoints” : one as defined under pjsip.endpoint_custom.conf, and another frompjsip.endpoint.conf. So you can’t “extend” parameters of already defined SIP endpoints.

  1. only when adding this parameter in pjsip.endpoint.conf the paramater is working, but then it will be lost after any other parameter update via FreePBX.

In the old CHAN_SIP it was possible to specify extra parameters in the global Asterisk SIP settings, or as extra parameters for the SIP trunk, but I do not see any way to do this for PJSIP.

Please advise !

I would file a bug report on this and we will get it done.

ok done !

and made another one regarding BULK extension input which needs “kick” after import…