PJSIP Notify ringing seems broken?


I’m not sure if someone alreadt experienced the same issue on PJSIP? But we see on Asterisk 18.6 that the Notify ringing seems to be broken using PJSIP endpoints, this is only then the monitored extension is already in call.
On chan_sip this is working fine. Normally when an extension is ringing, the subscribers are getting a Notify request with dialog info, this is fine on chan_sip, but on chan_pjsip it looks like Asterisk is not sending such Notify request to the subscribers…

I know this is probably not FreePBX related, but maybe someone know if there is a fix already?


Support for this was added in later versions of Asterisk. If it still doesn’t work in the latest version, then you’d need to be more specific about what isn’t working and show a log including the SUBSCRIBE, and what NOTIFY requests are actually sent.

Thanks for your reply.
I will try to collect the logs…
Actually there is no NOTIFY being sent if the extension is in call :confused:
If the same extension is not in a call, NOTIFY is being sent well to the subscribers when ringing…

In what Asterisk version should this actually work/fixed?

I don’t have a specific version, it’s always wise to use the latest version to ensure that you aren’t being impacted by an already fixed bug and also if you file an issue that will be required.

If it also doesn’t still work, you’d also be asked to provide a trace from chan_sip as well so the difference can be seen.

It’s working fine, I use it all the time. We need to see some debugs of when this is happening. Perhaps some configs to see what settings are set.

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