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PJSIP Multiple contacts & notifys

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I have a customer who wanted 2 of the same phones with the same extension at 2 different spots so I set them up with PJSIP using multiple contacts. They wanted some modifications made to the buttons on the phones so I did that and pushed out the update but it only updated 1/2 phones and they are the same models.

I looked at asterisk and it just lists one number for the extension and when I try to sync-yealink it then it still only updates one phone. How do I go about updating both phones using pjsip notifies?


To confirm, if the number were 03000, you are only seeing 03000? Not 03000-1 and 03000-2?

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Nevermind I was just thinking EPM worked a little differently than it did. I was thinking the custom template for that extension would apply to both but I had to custom edit both the -1 and -2

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