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I have been using openvpn to connect my Bria softphone on my Samsung mobile and Laptop to my pjsip extension. I also have a desktop phone registered to the same extension.

Occasionally my openvpn will cause problems and my Bria softphone will become unavailable and fails on registrations due to the max contacts limit. pjsip show contacts displays multiple unavailable contacts for my extension.

Contact: 700/sip:[email protected]:56769;rinstance=d452b6213 d591888903 Unavail 0.000
Contact: 700/sip:[email protected]:64921;rinstance=6a0a4f95b 0e90ff87e0 Unavail 0.000
Contact: 700/sip:[email protected]:64921;rinstance=ed0ae727a d7f3c2f483 Unavail 0.000
Contact: 700/sip:[email protected]:29182 2760c3a5f8 Avail 58.724

I was trying to clear these with database deltree contact however it always returns Database entries do not exist. Eventually they delete on their own, but I’d like to be able to get this done faster.

With the contacts above, should database deltree contact 700/sip:[email protected]:64921 delete this contact instance?

Thank you,

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