PJSIP lack of steady extension online

We are in the midst of switching our clients’ PBXes from chanSIP to PJSIP for extensions and trunks.

When we had clients on chanSIP you could look at the graph of extensions on the dashboard, showing how many extensions are on/offline, and it was rock solid.

Since moving to PJSIP we see the numbers fluctuate - for instance, the box I am working on now will show between 128 and 131 extensions registered at any given time. When we were chanSIP it was rock solid, and would not have left 131. If I check the logs and see an extension “unreachable” it almost immediately comes registered.

Nothing else has changed except the chanSIP driver change to PJSIP for every extension and trunk.

Am I doing something wrong? Is PJSIP different?

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