PJSIP Keep Alive interval

In the SIP settings section, in the PJSIP settings, the keepalive interval is set to 90. Is this the default setting? Is this the best setting to use?

The ‘best’ setting is a few seconds less than the far end is enforcing, lower values unnecessarily use bandwidth and connections, higher ones and you risk loosing calls, you should ask your provider though.

So this would not apply to individual remote extensions then? I have remote users, and on their extensions, I have their “qualify frequency” set to 20 or 30. (Resolved their home routers closing the connection to the PBX) Dumb question, but how is this related? Is it related?

The keep alive interval controls keep alives on connection oriented (TCP, TLS, Websocket) connections[1]. There is no response from the other side that is required, it just ensures the connection is alive.

[1] asterisk/pjsip.conf.sample at master · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub

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