PJSIP Inbound calls hangs up exactly after 30 seconds

I am using FreePBX version 16 and configured twilio trunk using PJSIP. Referred the documentation provided by twilio to setup freepbx trunk https://assets.cdn.prod.twilio.com/documents/TwilioElasticSIPTrunking-FreePBX-Configuration-Guide-Version1-0-FINAL-06122018.pdf . The outbound call works fine and inbound call connects and voice is all working fine, but exactly after 30 seconds the call hangs up automatically. I have checked all the posts in freepbx community but no luck.

Have you made sure that your External Address and Local Networks match your particular setup?

Settings => Asterisk SIP Settings

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If your PBX is behind a NAT so you have forwarded the SIP signaling port to your PBX, rewriting the port number will cause this problem. In some cases, you can fix this by setting External Signaling Port for the transport in Asterisk SIP Settings → chan_pjsip tab.

Does the port number in the SIP URI you set at Twilio match the value of Port to Listen On in your pjsip settings?

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Yeah that was the issue since the NAT is dynamically configured. I have set the local network address in NAT settings to which fixed the issue.


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