PJSIP HEP module not sending trace packets if extension is on WebRTC WSS?

Hi All,

FreePBX Distro / Asterisk 18.19.0, PJSIP HEP module active and works perfectly fine for SIP extensions.

However, when I change one of these extensions for WebRTC via the WSS (secure wbsocket) transport, the trace packets do not appear to arrive to Heplify server. I don’t see them anywhere in its database, and the Homer webapp is not showing them either.

It could either be the PJSIP HEP module not sending these packets, or sending it as a packet type the Heplify server does not cater for / log into its database…?

Anybody having seen this? Also interested if this setup works for you (traces show up in Heplify DB / Homer webapp)?



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