PJSIP Header - BluIP


I’m having trouble making outbound calls while inbound and SIP registration seem to be fine.

My provider is telling me the SIP header for my PJSIP trunk is showing incorrect. He also offered me guidance of a known working freepbx header. See below


INVITE sip:[email protected] com SIP/2.0

Not Working:

INVITE sip:lax-iad3.masteraccess. com SIP/2.0

The “1434685345” number is whichever number we are dialing

Being as I’m a newbie at this, can anyone tell me how to inject that outbound number into the header?

Thanks in advance!

That header is the request URI. It would definitely contain the number you are sending to the trunk. If there’s no number there, you have a serious and unusual misconfiguration. Please post more details about your trunk configuration and logs for an outbound call.

how did you even do that?

One way would be a screen-shot of the PJ-SIP or Chan-SIP Trunk configuration screen. You could also tell us what options you are using on the screen (if you want to avoid having to blur out your userID and password).

Basically, we need to know more about your trunk connection to your ITSP.

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