PJSIP From Header Display Name

We have moved all our trunks from chan_sip to pjsip - mostly without any issues.

We have one provider that requires that the from address in our SIP invite is our user… which is achieved using ‘From User’ option in the pjsip advanced settings…

However, when using chan_sip any the SIP From Display Name was maintained - so when forwarding a call from a queue, we could prefix this with Queue: Callers Name - which would intern make it through to the 3rd party provider.

From a packet capture; using chan_sip, it looks like (my user is 123456789)

From: "Queue: First Last" <sip:[email protected]>

Using PJSIP it looks like:

From: <sip:[email protected]>

Anyway to get the displayname back in to the PJSIP invite?

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Try to play with your pjsip settings in your trunk.
You’ve got user = phone.
May have some other settings to hit.

Just an idea like that.

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