Pjsip command not found

Hey everyone, running into a strange issue. Googling around has not helped me. I am on Freepbx 16 distro / Asterisk 18. Have been running this for a while. Installed using the same ISO as well. I am fully up to date on OS updates and stable modules.

When I enter the CLI on a fresh install (tried twice now) and type pjsip it gives me command not found. It says the module is loaded and running when I try to load the pjsip module.

Has something changed? Anyone come across this?


type pjsip then the ‘tab’ key to get valid options

Thanks, pjsip show endpoints, contacts, etc doesn’t work suddenly. I have about 100 FreePBX boxes running so its not my first rodeo. I just downloaded the latest ISO for FreePBX 16 and installing now. The ISO I have been using is from 2022. Will see if this makes a difference.

module show like pjsip
module reload . . .


Are you in the Asterisk console ala “asterisk -r” or are you trying to execute them from the Linux shell?

asterisk -r

Latest ISO is nearly done installing and will try again. Just strange. Have been using the 2022 one for the last several PBX builds.

Latest ISO appears to be working fine now. shrug

It’s Friday, who knows!

Thanks for the suggestions.

Using an older ISO shouldn’t be an issue as long as you:

yum upgrade -y
fwconsole ma upgradeall

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