I’m curious what the logs are reporting

Channel: PJSIP/anonymous-000292a5/Congestion Up 00:00:12
Exten: s CLCID: “” <>

Channel: PJSIP/anonymous-000292a6/Congestion Up 00:00:10
Exten: s CLCID: “” <>

As seen in the screenshot are they reporting that there’s some type of ongoing call? From an anonymous PJSIP source?

If your Asterisk SIP Settings has Allow SIP Guests turned on (and the anonymous attacks are not being blocked by your hardware or FreePBX firewall), then these attempts receive an error announcement.

The regular Asterisk log (Reports -> Asterisk Logfiles) should show what is happening.

Hi Stewart, yes I actually just realized that this was left on and was about to modify my post. I had previously thought this was already disabled

Allow SIP Guests

This is not a Chan_PJSIP related setting. It only applies to Chan_SIP which has the allowguest= option. PJSIP does not have this option because PJSIP doesn’t have a concept for anonymous. It just doesn’t accept any calls. It also doesn’t have global settings, i.e. a single setting that is applied to all the endpoints. Each endpoint must be configured for the options you want.

In order for PJSIP to accept anonymous calls, it needs to have an actual endpoint created called “anonymous” in order to do that “Allow Anonymous SIP Calls” must be set to Yes. So this has nothing to do with Allow SIP Guests (unless you have Chan_SIP peers) but the fact you are allowing anonymous calls to come into your server. Because of that, FreePBX created an anonymous endpoint to accept those calls.

Turn that off.

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Allow Anonymous SIP Calls wasn’t on that was already disabled. As soon as I disabled Allow SIP Guests those mystery connections went away

They must be using that to trigger both on each sip driver. Good that it’s fixed.

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