PJSIP and SIP extensions

Why is there a SIP extension and a PJSIP extension with prefix 90 from almost every extension in the “Asterisk Info/All” menu?
Why are these copies of SIP extensions created?

I found that these phantom extensions with a prefix of 90 are created by Zulu. Could this phantom extensions can disturb internal calls?

no, they are simply alias depending on the technology used, for example Zulu (discontinued) use 90, Sangoma Phone 98, phone in ucc (webrtc) if I’m not mistaken 97 or something similar. I have many users who use Sip (pjsip) with “traditional” phones like Zoiper or Grandstream and sometimes use PCs with Sangoma Phone, so I see them connected both with their extension and with the alias

Can I delete automatically created ZULU extensions with prefix 90?
After deletion, can normal sip extensions still be called?

you can delete Zulu, in any case they are simply aliases, they don’t create any problems if you don’t use them and even if you want to use them everything you make on traditional extensions will be done 1:1. For example, if the extension 260 is in dnd, the 90260 extension will also be in dnd

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