PJSIP and older D65


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Using Public IPs we host Freepbx in a co-location facility and customer phones connect remotely. When upgrading older Freepbx distros I install a new distro, configure it and make the extensions and passwords the same. Normally, I just shut down the old server and bring up the new distro on its IP. This works fine, most time.

As we upgrade customers to newer Freepbx with PJSIP there are consistent problems with older Digium phones. Not sure why but they continually unregister and register. Sangoma S700 & S705 work fine and are not affected by this problem. These Digium phones were solid and had no issues before the PBX upgrade.

Old Freepbx used DPMA for this, however I’m managing these phones through EPM. I have a support ticket open and have been told, it is configured correctly. Using sngrep support sees the registrations and says, there seems to be some NAT port changes in the connection between the PBX and phones. He says it also happens for S-series phones however they do not complain as D65.

I have pcaps from the customer PBX, pcaps from our Cisco router, pcaps from our hosting esxi server and from the customer SonicWALL. We do not see the same SIP Options port changes the engineer does with sngrep. I have spent time searching and find there have been posts on this problem in the past, but no solution included.

I’m not sure if this is a Digium/PJSIP issue and I should give up debugging as there is nothing I can do?

Digium phones are on firmware 2.9.14

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