PJSIP and MWI for mailbox (FreePBX 12 and Asterisk 13)

It took me some time to get the MWI working.

The main problem is that when adding voicemail to f.e. the 201 extension, Freepbx adds as mailbox [email protected] This is working fine with chan_sip but does not with chan_pjsip.

The way to go is: change [email protected] -> [email protected]
Set the MWI subscription type to unsoliceted.

On the endpoint (Phone) disable the MWI subscription and put *97 to the mailbox.
Tested it on:
Yealink T42, Gigaset N510 pro, Thomson 2022, Aastra 57i, and Zoiper Softphone.

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May I ask where you can set “MWI subscription” to “unsoliceted” in FreePBX?

On the extension page.

Thanks for help.

In my case I got my Yealink work fine only changing MWI subscription to unsolicited.
Mailbox was ##@device. Don’t know configuration on phone, but it seems to work.

Sorry to ask again after more then a year. But I still can’t find the MWI setting. Where “exactly” do I find this? I searched through all of the extension settings with no avail

thank for posting the screen shot but where is this setting buried in FreePBX? I’m really unable to find this section anywhere. Can you please post something like:

Applications->Extensions->click on extension->click on tab “VoiceMail”

I’m definitly looking somehwere else the you people who know it. Or does this not exist for chan_sip devices?

It’s a pjsip setting only.

Ahhh. There we go. Thanks for enlightening me

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The title of this thread is “PJSIP and MWI”


I’m curious why FreePBX sets the ‘VM Context’ option to ‘default’ on the ‘Extension -> Voicemail’ tab but sets the ‘Mailbox’ option to ‘##@device’ on the ‘Extension -> Advanced’ tab. I also had to change ‘##@device’ to ‘##@default’ to get MWI to function.

Not sure you are going to get much help here running FreePBX 12 which is 2 major versions behind and barely supported PJSIP. You need to get on a current supported version.

I guess I should have started a new topic. I’m on FreePBX 14 / Asterisk 16. AFAIKT, the situation and my question is the same regardless of FreePBX 12/13/14 and Asterisk 13/14/15/16 when running PJSIP.