PJSIP - 3 Phones Cisco SPA 508

I have a customer that has 3 Cisco Spa508G

Instead of creating 3 extensions, then a ring group to ring all 3 extensions, I simply created 1 extension and used PJSIP and they all worked great for 2 weeks.

Then I started having registration issues.

All the lights went orange today - I showed MAX CLIENTS at 5 - they have 3 phones, so I think I am good there. Just to be on the safe side I raised it to 10, rebooted the vps, and all went greent.

I do see many people on this forum saying pjsip is buggy and not to use it

Opinions and ideas appreciated.

UPDATE: All 3 extensions have stayed registered since my post, so the problem has not been duplicated
For those wondering why I chose pjsip over chansip, simply this. I think it is cleaner to put 1 extension on 3 devices and have no ring group rather than have 3 extensions and a ring group. Also, if a user wants to have a cordless phone when they walk away from their desk phone, pjsip is a cleaner solution in lieu of using another extension for the cordless and follow me.

I agree with you why using PJSIP, but this issue might not be related to a “PJSIP Issue” rather than a common registration issue.

I’d keep an eye on it, and see when and why it looses the reg, and of course look at the logs.

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