PIR - Freepbx timegroups

I’m trying to do a post incident report on a phone incident over Christmas.

My timegroup was set with Time and week days, all blank, then
Month day start 25, finish 2
Month start December
finish, January

I thought this means from 0000 dec 25 to 2359 jan 2, but seemingly not

Over December the freepbx worked as expected, every call went to the timegroup and got the Christmas closure happy holidays blah blah blah message, however, on January 1 and 2 the phones were noticed by security to be ringing on and off both days.

I am sure I got this right when I installed this system in past, either that or security didn’t bother to tell anyone, am I misunderstanding how this module works? will this now send any callers on 25-31 January back to holidays ? since it sees January end month, butwhat about 1 and 2’nd if so?

I’m lost. Surely I don’t need two rules one for December and a separate for January?

You do.

hrmmm. then whats the point of having a start and end month, it becomes confusing
but thanks for confirmation

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