Pinset for multiples DID/outbound route

Multiple Out route way to dial out.

If I setup a PINSET for all outbound route(6) on my FreePBX13 when an extension dial a number, then the PBX ask for the PINSET of the outbound ex: Out #1 pinset is 1111, Out #2 pinset 2222, etc. The outbound call should go out with the chosen outbound route using the pinset associated with it?

The goal is to show different car dealership outbound call from same server. Dealer #1, #2, #3, etc and when call from the server, I can choose from “which” dealer I’m calling from by using the Pinset, that way on the callee it will show the proper dealer.

I’ve heard about using the dial plan, and choose 9 will choose the right outbound, but what about more than 2 outbound route.

Question is, will it work? Did someone tried it? Can someone confirm?

First - Asterisk doesn’t really do Multi-tenant very well. This is one of the many, many problems.

Now, if what you’re doing is allowing the people that work at your single location the option of choosing their Caller ID (and that’s the only ‘multi-tenant’ feature you need), then using 6-button phones with different caller IDs per button (6 extensions per phone), you can set up the outbound caller ID setting in the Outbound Route to select your outbound route.

I don’t think Pinset is going to do what you want - I think you’re going to end up alienating your users pretty quickly.

Using a prefix for the dealership on dialout is a more flexible way - you can set the prefix to almost anything you want. You can use any number of digits (not just ‘9’) to select the outbound route and dial the phones. Set the ‘prefix’ to something like ‘21’ for dealership 1, ‘22’ for dealership 2, ‘31’ for dealership 3, etc. If you want to combine these (Guy from Dealership 1 with CID of ‘123’ can’t dial ‘31’ to call from dealership 3) that’s also possible.

Another approach would be write an “outbound IVR” context, where you dial ‘1’ for Dealer A, ‘2’ for Dealer B, etc.

That’s perfect, That’s actually what the customer wanted, the prefix setting so all agent input the code of the DID they want to use to dial out.


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When using this method, you are not changing the DID, you are changing the CID. I know it’s an extremely pedantic point, but the DID setting is for inbound calls only. Using the term as if it was interchangeable can confuse us (and eventually yourself) because if you are talking about DIDs, you are talking about modifications to the Inbound Routes. The DID setting and the CID setting are literally completely unrelated.

Also, and I’m pretty sure you get this, all of your calls come in on the same “line” and are differentiated by the Inbound Route settings. The Caller ID settings, similarly could potentially use the same, single connection, so being clear about which setting you are modifying can help us (and you) with any problems you might have with outbound calling issues.

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