Pin to call

I have a ring group that rings two FUSIONPBX extensions . When a customer calls our line from their cellphones, the extensions ring for about 20 seconds and then goes to a voice saying “Please enter your password and then press pound” but obviously this a client so they wont know what pin to put in so they end up dropping the call and calling again .

FusionPBX has nothing to do with FreePBX. So how is FreePBX involved in any of this?

is there anything similar on freepbx . do you guys face this issue on freepbx

You really haven’t given us much to go on. So not sure. Have you even checked the logs to see where the call ends up and gives that recording?

I know nothing about FusionPBX, but am guessing that one of the extensions is set (by follow-me, call forward on no answer, etc.) to forward to an external number. Or, on no answer, the ring group is set to call (an on-call person, an answering service, etc.) Since the original caller’s number is not recognized, he is asked to enter a PIN. Or, it’s trying to send the call to voicemail, but the voicemail system somehow doesn’t recognize the extension and assumes someone is calling in to retrieve messages, so it requests a password.

As @BlazeStudios said, look at the PBX logs to see where it was trying to send the call.

According to the fusionpbx website the minimum billing on any of their memberships is 1 year so if you are taking over something that someone else setup it’s highly likely that there is still an active membership with your org and fusionpbx under the previous admin’s email address. I’d email fusionpbx and ask.

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