PIN Set restric International outbound calls, 1 phone 2 accounts

FreePBX 12.0.36

GXP-2160 firmware

I’ve being playing around with Free PBX since late 2014, I’ve always being able to find lot’s of information. in this one i feel I need a push, some help.

We have 1 server for multiple locations, multiple DID’s, 3 different groups of extensions.

my provider uses one trunk for termination and one trunk for origination.

I need to restrict International calling, I was able to use PIN Sets

Outbound route 1
Local route
Dial Patterns

Outbound route 2
International route

both outbound routes use the same trunk

everything works fine, but…

I’ve one phone Grandstream GXP2160 and 2 accounts (extensions)

Account 1 Business EXT 391
Account 2 ONG EXT 380 <ONG inside our company, we supply their phone service.separate DID incoming & outgoing calls>

When I dial from account 1 the international calling works, PIN prompted, if correctcall it’s placed

When dial from account 2 ONG, international calling ask for PIN, PIN always wrong and call never happens

Any idea of where should I start digging, the two extensions are using the same outbound routes and same trunks

Inside the extensions settings I’m using the field Outbound CID to mask the call

if I use the same Outbound CID mask then PIN works in both accounts.