PIKA PrimeNet MM P2020T - Anybody ever get one of these to work with Asterisk? Have a need for one?

Got my hands on a PIKA PrimeNet MM P2020T, it’s a Dual Span T1 Card, PCI based. Just wondering if anyone has ever made one of these work with *?

I really have no use for it, so I’m open to offers on it, too (It’s for sale if you want it, just let me know!)


PS - The other numbers on it are 99-20732, if you’re interested in buying it or some sort of swap, drop me a line - 817.719.8000

Look like it is designed for PIKA’s Monte Carlo system. It’s a great embedded system (used in a bunch of telco ATCA apps). I googled for 20 minutes as I wanted the card (it has a carrier grade Lucent t1 chip on it). I could not even find an old Zaptel driver so my initial thought is no Asterisk support.

If anyone wanted to learn how to write an DAHDI driver the board is incredibely well documented so it would be a great little project.

I’ve written php/mysql, perl, just a touch of C, and, wait for it, Turbo Pascal WAY back in the DOS days :open_mouth: But not sure I would want to tackle write a driver from scratch. Nor would I have the time to (Fulltime Tech for an Interconnect, PLUS a single father!) So I’m up for any offers on the card, $$$ or trades…(Prefer cash, but don’t be shy about offering trades!)


Also with this, I got ahold of another PIKA card, 24 port FXS, RJ-21X on the back, so you can tail it out to a 25pr 66 Block…but this card is the reason the setup was scrapped, the 24 port FXS card had developed a static issue across all 24 ports. So the client had me replace the whole kit and kaboodle with a VICIDial/Asterisk dialer solution. (This came from a Dialer setup in the first place…)