Pickup Parked Call from Default Lot using Feature Code (eg. *8570)


FreePBX: v15.0.37 (Asterisk: 18.17.1)
Licenced Modules: SysAdminPro & EPM

The Default Parking Lot (70 with 8xBays) exists out of the box & I can Park Calls no problem via the Park Function on a handset and/or Blind Transferring to 70 - The Bay No gets announced & everything is fine.

I can see & retrieve the Parked Calls via the Parking PhoneApp and/or BLFs for the specific bays (71,72 etc) no problem.

The only issue I have is that I can’t retrieve a Parked Call by dialling the Feature Code *8570. Dialling that feature just returns a busy signal as if the Default Parking Lot (70) doesn’t exist.

I also have a PBXact system of the same version/similar setup & dialling *8570 works just fine, you either retrieve a Parked Call or get an announcement to say their are none parked as you would expect.

I can see the Feature Codes *88 and *85 listed against the standard Parking Module (not Parking Pro), so I’m not sure why it doesn’t work on my FreePBX system.

Anyone know if/whether there’s a reason this might not work on FreePBX in the same way as does PBXact ?

Picking up parked calls is not done through a feature code. You just dial the lot that the call is in and it will pick up the call. So 71, 72 and so on.

I don’t think you have properly read/understood my post.

I’m not asking ‘how do I retrieve a specific parked call’ or talking about dialling into a specific parking bay either manually or via a BLF key, I already explained that works fine - I’m talking about picking up the next parked call without knowing which bay it came from (as per the documented feature code *85nn).

My original post shows the feature code I’m talking about listed in the FreePBX GUI above & I explained that this works as described on the PBXact systems I have access to, just not FreePBX (which is what my post is about).

This Feature Code is also explained in ‘Feature Codes’ section of the FreePBX Wiki.

I apologize, I did misread the question and you are correct in your expectation of how the feature seems it should work. However, I just tested it one of my systems as well and it’s not working for me either. However dialing *8571 (the individual parking lot) seems to allow you to pick up the call. Which seems silly for your use case since just dialing 71 would work as well.

Honestly, maybe this is a bug that needs to be reported?

No problem.

As I say, I have PBXact systems where this works just fine (using the Lot No 70, rather than the Bay No’s 71,72 etc), so I did wonder if it’s a ParkingPro thing, but none of the documentation suggests that, hence I’m unsure why its not working in FreePBX.

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