Pickup Extension, Can't get it to work on Cisco ATA 186 Extensions

I’ve configured all my extensions to point to a common pickupgroup. Of the 5 extension i have 3 are configured on SPA1001 ATAs, and 2 are configured on one Cisco ATA186.

The Sipura SPA’s work fine with CallPickUp, if a call comes, and I’m not on the extension, I can pick up another and dial *8# and the non-ringing extension picks the call. However, on the ATA186 extensions, pressing *8# plays the following message “That Feature is Not available on This Line” and hangs up. I’m PRETTY sure this has something to do with the 186 dial plan, cos when antoher extension is ringing, dialing *8 on the 186 extension producres the following msg in CLI:

SIP/502-090e7358 is ringing
– Executing [@from-internal:1] ResetCDR(“SIP/501-b7d0b480”, “”) in new stack
– Executing [
@from-internal:2] NoCDR(“SIP/501-b7d0b480”, “”) in new stack
– Executing [@from-internal:3] Wait(“SIP/501-b7d0b480”, “1”) in new stack
– Executing [
@from-internal:4] Playback(“SIP/501-b7d0b480”, “silence/1&feature-not-avail-line&silence/1&cannot-complete-as-dialed&check-number-dial-again|noanswer”) in new stack

As if the call i sbeing passed to a Trunk. The Cisco Dialplan means slightly less than nothing to me:


Anyone got any ideas how to fix this in Cisco ATA186.

Further googling yielded the answer, from the whirlpool forum, replaced the Cisco ATA186 dialplan with:

*…S>#-|S>#-|>#. -|.>#-

Can now picked up calls usig *8#