Pickup call from queue

Now I see why I have no responses.

I have a FreePBX 2.9 system running Asterisk 1.4 that was hand built. We have several queues that are used for various support groups. When there is a large call volume and the agents can’t handle all the calls we want other team members to be able to pickup calls from the queues. The people that will be picking up the calls will not me members of the queues they are picking up calls from.

Right now we are using FOP2 which has a feature to let you pick up a call from a queue. The problem is that when you use FOP2 to pick up a call from a queue the call is marked as abandon. I am working with the author of FOP2 on this issue but it is looking like the issue is Asterisk and not FOP2.

I tried using direct call pickup from the queue but that is not working. I can do direct call pickup from an extension that is logged into the queue. This partially works in that the call is not logged as abandon but the problem is when the call is picked up it is logged as the extension that the call was direct picked up from and not the extension of the person picking up the call.

IS there any way to pickup a call from a queue and have it logged in the queue log as the person that picked up the call?

I know of know way and we have the same issue with our Queue Reports when people steal a call from queue with Rest Apps or iSYmphony.


Thank for the quick reply.
So this is a problem with Asterisk and he way call pickup works? In your opinion could Asterisk be modified to change this behavior?

I guess the only option is to have the person who wants the call to log into the queue so the call is sent to him.