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I have a client with Polycom IP550s. When a call comes in to the Ring group with extension 101 in it. They want to be able to have other extensions that are not in the ring group to be able to pick up the call from that extension with a pickup button. My problem is that the pickup button disappears when a call rings 101. The weird thing is that if they take their phone off-hook and then back on-hook the pickup button returns and they are able to pickup the call.

I have the call pickup enabled in the Ring group
-Made sure they were all in the correct pickup group/call group
-And because I’m using Endpoint Manager I made sure that the template was set to show the soft key while on Idle and while on an active call

I’ve tried making lots of small adjustments but to no real result. Any information would be great.

I have Polycom IP450’s and IP550’s along with some VVX’s across our sites. What I did was assign the Pickup feature code to a line button. Not relying on defining it or managing it along the softkeys along the bottom of the display. When a call is parked in the Park Zone our users just press the Pickup button line key and they are able to pickup the call just fine!

Hadn’t thought of that, thank you. Definitely worth a try, but obviously with the 550s only having 4 line buttons I’d like to allow them to have those available for other extensions in their system. But if that’s the only option… :man_shrugging:

Just checking in to see how it went. Hope you are squared away one way or the other!

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Last week I found out that it was only occurring on the phones that had 101 in their line keys. I removed 101 from the line key and now all the phones can pickup the ring group without the pickup button disappearing first. It is a decent workaround since the pickup function is now working but it would be better if they could have both the soft key and 101 in the line key. Thank you for your help!

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