Pickup an FXO Trunk


I have a FXO (digium) trunk configured in asterisk that is also shared with other analog phones in our house.

I do not have asterisk answering the line but do have the VoIP phone in our study being able to dial out via the trunk if I do want to use our standard home line rather than one of the SIP trunks also connected to asterisk.

I would like to be able to use the VoIP extension to directly pickup or seize the FXO trunk in a situation where a call may be answered on one of the other analog telephones and we want to pick up the call in the study.

We can do this in reverse if a call is made on the VoIP asterisk phone via the FXO trunk and then one of the other analog phones is picked up and the VoIP handset releases the call, but I cannot figure out an easy way to do the reverse (ie: ask asterisk to just pickup the trunk and connect it to the VoIP handset without actually making a call)

Any suggestions appreciated.

I am using Asterixk 1.6.2 / FreePBX 2.7