Pick up waiting call from Queue and avoid ringing periodically

Hi all !
I’m new in this community and also a bit new with FreePbx :slight_smile:

I’m looking for making a trick with freepbx.
This is my situation :
I’ve only one phone behind the PBX, so the PBX is mainly used as queueing calls waiting for the phone to answer.

Queueing is working well, but this is the ring behavior which is causing problem.
The person with the phone can hangup the call if he’s busy. So the caller is staying in the Queue with a wonderful song ;).
My problem is that the phone will ring again when the ring time elapsed, and then I must hangup the phone again.

Would It be possible after having hanged up, to avoid ringing again the same phone (i.e : extension), to let me pickup back the caller from the Queue when I’m ready ?

Thanks a lot for any answer,
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No, if you want to do that you should park the call and set the park recall time really really long

Thanks for your reply.
And if I add a Virtual Extension and let it ring ? I could pick up this call with an *8 ?

Hi, I’ve tried to set up a Virtual Extension, but queue gives me “RINGNOANSWER|1000” while trying to contact this extension.
Any idea to make it possible ?

Thanks a lot for any answer,