PHP7 installation: SNG7 Depencency error

On a Centos 7 system I did upgrade to FreePBX 15 to be able to upgrade to PHP7.

When install PHP7 it returns an error:

Error: Package: freepbx-14.1-1.sng7.x86_64 (@sng-pkgs)
Requires: php56w-gd
Error: Package: freepbx-14.1-1.sng7.x86_64 (@sng-pkgs)
Requires: php56w-pear
Error: Package: sangoma-pbx-2002-2.sng7.noarch (@sng-pkgs)
Requires: php56w-soap
Error: Package: freepbx-14.1-1.sng7.x86_64 (@sng-pkgs)
Requires: php56w-ldap
etc etc

I tried to remove php5.6 first (as example):

yum remove php56w-gd.x86_64

Error: Trying to remove “sangoma-pbx”, which is protected

What are the correct steps to be taken to upgrade to PHP7?

Thanks so much for your help.

Are you using CentOS7 or the FreePBX15 distro?

You can’t upgrade the distro to php7.

I am using the FreePBX distro Sangoma Linux 7 (Core) distro which is Centos 7.

Can you explain why I cannot upgrade to php7?

Are there expected updates to come out making the FreePBX distro supporting PHP7? Or are there working methods to install PHP7 manually?

Not before v16, and maybe not then.

All closed source modules are currently dependent on Zend Guard for security/obfuscation and Zend Guard isn’t compatible with anything past 5.6 and will never be.

I don’t think we’ve had any word on what the replacement will be.

If your not depending on a commercial module, dump the distro.

I’m curious what reason you have to upgrade to PHP7. FreePBX will not benefit from it. If you have other software you want to install that requires PHP7, it would be good to install this on a separate server. Alternatively, you can install PHP7 in its own location, not in the main system path.

If you are dealing with this on a security audit, use the firewall and write this up as an exception. :slight_smile:

If you don’t need Distro for commercial modules, some of us like Debian 10 / FreePBX 15 / PHP 7.3:


The reason is indeed that we also are using OSTICKET on the same server which does need PHP7 for TLS mail. I am quiet a dummy on this, I have never heard it is also possible to install PHP in the installation folder of an application. I assumed that FreePBX 15 did support PHP7 but this seems not completely.

We do not make use of commercial modules. Do I understand it correct that Zend Security is an integrated module is in FreeBPX?

Not exactly.

Zend Security is required to allow for the execution of some “closed source” modules in the PHP Framework that supports FreePBX. It’s not really “integrated” as much as it is a dependency.

Even if you dump the distro, I generally would not recommend running anything more than a trivial app on the PBX. Even a non-distro install of FreePBX sort of assumes it has the LAMP stack to itself. It can be shared, but is more trouble than it’s worth.

Better alternative would probably be to avoid potential conflicts and use the container system of your choice for osticket.

This is how we always worked, FreePBX together with Osticket. But as this server was running Centos 5 it was needed to be updated to Centos 7 and also Osticket needs to be updated.
Could it be expected that there will be an update that it will run PHP7 in the next 6 months?

Almost certainly not, but only Sangoma knows for sure. Typically we’d have more info on a new version the next version if it were that close.

Containers are the best answer. No conflicts that way and each can be independently updated at will.

Thanks a lot for your effort. I think something like dockers is the answer then?

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