PHP Update Required

@lgaetz Hey Lorne, what is the process for updating a development box from PHP 7.4.x to PHP 8.1 as required by v17 framework?

Well it appears the answer is there isn’t one. There’s no path to update from PHP 7.x to PHP 8.1 in the development/testing repos. Any attempts to install this via instructions for CentOS/RHEL are met with the Sangoma repos throwing conflicts when attempting to install.

So can’t update to PHP 8.1 cleanly in a distro development setup and you can’t install v17 Framework module without having PHP8.1. Guess I just need to setup an Ubuntu box to do this with so I don’t have to worry about the lack of required libraries missing in the Sangoma repos.

Might explain why zero development has happened on v17 in 2023.

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