PHP supported version.... deprecated functions


This is probably my own fault for always taking the latest versions… but c’est la vie.

I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 and in the main everything was OK except for warnings and various bits of the FreePBX web failing due to deprecated functions split and ereg.

PHP is at version 5.3.0-2 - I did a global replace on those functions and tweaked the ereg to preg_match and it all seems to work fine.

So, I guess my question is are there plans to support later versions of PHP? Should I file a bug? Not sure it is a bug really, more stupidity on my part.


The warning you are getting are just warning. The functions will be removed in PHP 6.0 but will work in 5.3.
More info:

A feature request has been entered in the ticket database.

Thanks Mikael. I’ve downgraded anyway due to issues with sqlite for another project but at least it’s in-hand.