PHP help to import Contact Manager into Gigaset PRO dect system

I’ve played around Sorvani fanvil script ( freepbx-helper-scripts/ContactManager_to_Fanvil_AddressBook at master · sorvani/freepbx-helper-scripts · GitHub ) to get Gigaset PRO dect system working with Contact Manager as its Central Phonebook.

I basically modified php script (with near-zero knowledge) to have it working with just and only the Contac Manager “work” type of number/contact.
Any further number type added (cell, home, other) will add data messing up the wanted format.

This is the format required by Gigaset system for its phonebook:

<entry name="MyName" office1="123456789" office2="" surname="" home1="" home2="" mobile1="" mobile2=""/>
<entry name="AnotherName" office1="987654321" office2="" surname="" home1="" home2="" mobile1="" mobile2=""/>

The problem is all field are required even if empty ( “” )
So the field has to be FILLED with number present on Contact Manager or CREATED EMPTY if not present on Contact Manager.

If useful , this is the last part of cm_to_fv_ab.php I modified (with “office1” bind to “work” $ctype[‘work’]) :

   // output the XML header info
    echo "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n";
    echo "<!DOCTYPE LocalDirectory>\n";
    // Output the XML root. This tag must be in the format XXXIPPhoneDirectory
    // You may change the word Company below, but no other part of the root tag.
    echo "<list>\n";
    // Loop through the results and output them correctly.
    // Spacing is setup below in case you wish to look at the result in a browser.
    $previousname = "";
    $firstloop = true;
    foreach ($contacts as $contact) {
        if ($contact['displayname'] != $previousname) {
            if ($firstloop){
                // flip the bit
                $firstloop = false;
            } else {
                // close the previous entry
                echo "/>\n";
            // Start the entry
            echo "<entry ";
            echo "name=\""  . $contact['displayname'] . "\"";
            // set the current name to the previous name
            $previousname = $contact['displayname'];
        if ($use_e164 == 0 || ($use_e164 == 1 && $contact['type'] == $ctype['internal'])) {
            // not using E164 or it is an internal extnsion
            echo " " . $contact['type'] . "=\"" . $contact['number'] . "\" office2=\"\" surname=\"\" home1=\"\" home2=\"\" mobile2=\"\" mobile1=\"\" " ;
        } else {
            // using E164s
            echo " " .  $contact['type'] . "=\"" . $contact['E164'] . "\" office2=\"\" surname=\"\" home1=\"\" home2=\"\" mobile1=\"\" mobile2=\"\" " ;
    // Close the last entry.
    echo "/>\n";
    // Output the closing tag of the root. If you changed it above, make sure you change it here.
    echo "</list>\n";

Any good boy ?