Php error after clean install and activation


I just installed FreePBX 17 on Debian.

The script worked without any problems and I was able to open and use FreePBX until I activated it. After activating the installation and rebooting the machine, I received the following error:


Code kopieren

Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_ERROR)
Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1281717103 bytes)

File path: /var/www/html/admin/modules/sysadmin/

php memory Limit is set to -1 so it should not be a Problem

I´m using an Lenovo Thinkcenter M710q, with a 4 Core CPU at 2,4 GHz and 24G of memory.

I formatted the machine and installed everything again, but I encountered the same result after activating.

I hope i´m not reopening a known problem, i just seach for it but wasn´t able to find it.

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Raised jira [bug]: PHP out-of-memory error in GUI after rebooting the system · Issue #292 · FreePBX/issue-tracker · GitHub

As a workaround, try restarting the apache2 service.

systemctl restart apache2.service

Hi @pramarajan, thanks, the workaround helped.

Only one point: after installing FreePBX, I restarted the system several times without a problem. The issue only appears when I activate the system. Maybe it has something to do with the SysAdmin module?

I also noticed that the RestApps Daemon is not running.