Phones won't register after "Apply Config"

Hey all, please excuse my ignorance on this. For months, if I click “Apply Config” within FreePBX, our phones will no longer register. I stumbled across a post that mentioned having to manually run ‘fwconsole restart’ every time the config is applied, and this worked for the past couple weeks until today. Today, everything was working correctly until hitting “apply config” the phones wouldn’t register again, and ‘fwconsole restart’ nor rebooting the server solved this. In fact, restoring to a known good backup that I made on December 23rd also didn’t work, I had to restore to a point in July to get the phones registering again. No changes were made within FreePBX beside a few user management updates, nothing pertaining to the phones themselves.

My question is, what could be causing this? I see absolutely nothing in the asterisk console about phones attempting to register, and I am not familiar with this enough to know where else to look.

you dont have to run fwconsole restart for the majority of typical day to day changes - in some cases you do but those are generally called out

I would start with validating the communications sequence is even trying to occur with sngrep from the command line and a packet capture … if you have the ability, get the packet capture from the pbx and your internal switch or the phone itself

I almost always have to run ‘fwconsole restart’ for even the most minor changes or the phones in our lab will stop connecting and display “request timeout” instead. Upon running the command, or restoring a backup to seconds prior, it will work again. Only today did the command stop working and I had to restore to an ancient backup to get them functioning again.

Both soft phones using MicroSIP and polycom desk phones have the same issue.

I’ll try seeing what sngrep says this weekend since I can’t bring the lab down now to test while our staff is dialing out.

The only thing I can think of, is that you are using an older version of FreePBX with Asterisk that reloads the PJSIP Transports when you apply config and something within the transport config is corrupted.

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Check either the config files in /tftboot or an actual phone and see if the SIP server setting is correct.

More info on thispossible cause of your issue here:

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