Phones with better noise cancelling for loud environments?

We’re small enough still that I’m in the position to change the make/model of phone we issue and it will prevent a lot of future damage as we grow (and I can probably get our current phones replaced too given how bad this issue is).

  • Last week we had a customer identify a specific song an employee with playing 10ft away at his desk.

  • Today I had a local conference call with an employee 15 ft from me and he came running to me flailing his arms saying he couldn’t follow the conversation given the echo of HIS voice coming through my phone.

  • My business partner has long been complaining how he can’t take calls in his office because of background noise (music, walk ins, other people on the phone, casual conversations).

I’m now terrified and embarrassed after doing *43 and hearing the level of stuff that gets past the echo/noise canceling cutoff on our phones. I’ve done 555 to make sure my guys are having clear background noise free calls, but I guess the latency was so low I didn’t hear the background noise even!

Using Yealink T23G’s and T42G’s with all noise/echo cancelling turned on. If there’s nothing left that I can do in software, are there any phones that would help substantially in a relatively loud environment?

I have one client that uses Polycom 300’s and 400’s in a loud machine shop daily, have never used Yealink for comparison.

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I actually have access to a Polycom 200. I’m going to give it a shot.

For the money, I like the 400 series the best

I’m trying a 310 currently, and the noise canceling isn’t much better than the Yealink’s :confused:

Like I can clearly hear my voice over the noise, it’s just that the noise is still present. I’ve tried cracking down on topics of casual conversation around the office (“yo you see this f****** thing”) but that’s obviously hit or miss. Plus in our warehouse area, there’s usually music playing which has proven to be a great way to keep all the workers happy and motivated, but callers to phones located in the warehouse have even said “wow Led Zeppelin today! great choice!” even with the music at very normal listening levels.

I could try switching everyone to headsets, but my initial tests with that showed very poor adoption.