Phones register, but won't show registered in FreePBX

I have several Cisco 7960’s and a few Cisco SPA303’s on my system. The SPA303s work without a problem, they can call another extension and can receive calls from other extensions. The 7960s can call another extension (the SPA303s), but they can’t receive a call into the phones. When I go and look at the Asterisk Info, it shows:

Active SIP Channel(s): 0
Sip Registry: 1
Sip Peers:
Online: 0
Online-Unmonitored: 0
Offline: 1
Offline-Unmonitored: 0

Active PJSIP Channel(s): 0
PJSip Registrations: 0
PJSip Endpoints:
Available: 2
Unavailable: 3
Unknown: 3

Active IAX2 Channel(s): 0
IAX2 Registry: 1
IAX2 Peers:
Online: 0
Offline: 0
Unmonitored: 0

I’m running version: 13.14.0
Hopefully, someone could help me out with this or has had this issue before.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

What do you get when you call from the 7960

When I call from the 7960, I get ringing, and it shows up on the 303 with the correct name and extension, and you can answer and have a conversation. Thank you!

Post what you get in the asterisk cli when you dial from a spa303 to a Cisco phone. Connect to CLI with the following command

asterisk -rvvvd

When I go to put in the command in Asterisk CLI it returns “No such command ‘asterisk -rvvvd’ (type ‘core show help asterisk -rvvvd’ for other possible commands)”
When I tried to put it into the actual console, it came up and showed the entire debug log, but I don’t know how to copy it from the console. Thank you!