Phones not ringing on restore to new machine

latest Distro.

I have Freepbx working well on one machine, all good, Asterisk 11.4.0. I built a better machine, uses 2 bonded nics in case that matters, and Asterisk 11.5.1.

I did a backup of the settings and cdr’s and restored them on the new machine. That seemed to work pretty well, other than the extension options at the page bottom were showing errors since the voicemail settings all set themselves to disabled, for some reason, so I had to manually fix that up.

I corrected vm to enabled, and things looked pretty good. I booted the new machine, all peers were up, trunk online, I was registered on 5060 at flowroute, all seemed good.

Usually when I start the original machine, a phone beeps just as the boot process finishes. First thing I noticed is that did not happen on the new machine.

To make a long story short, though things look correct, I cannot dial out, or dial an extension, nothing happens, nothing rings. I did not try to dial in.

I shut that new box down and restarted the original machines, all good, all working as expected.

Alas, seems like this should be intuitively obvious to the casual observer, some simple setting I perhaps missed during the restore, any ideas?

Need more info?

Thanks in advance!

A casual observer might ask why are you bonding your nics and if you are is that bond working?. Otherwise, like most of your posts would indicate, you need to go back to the wiki to check your work and learn how to troubleshoot . . . I say that because you have “trouble”, and you need to “shoot” why your boxes are different. As ever you provide no information as to what you tried to resolve your problem, nor any diagnostic logs. Pretty sure you are right and you missed something, but no-one here will know what that was, just yourself.

Thanks anyway. I’ll figure it out eventually.

I’m sure you will. It’s not brain surgery just attention to detail.

The AstDB probably did not restore. From Asterisk do a database show from Asterisk. You should have a device entry for every extension.

The dirtiest way to fix is just to “touch” each extension in the FreePBX GUI and click submit. When you have done all do an apply config and you should be good to go.

If you have a butt load of extensions test a few this way and then I can point you to the procedure to extract the astdb from the backupset and reapply.

I did have to touch each extension and submit it, as the restored voice mail settings were all set to disabled. This touch and submit did not help. Tomorrow I will try creating 2 new extensions, to see if they then ring. I’ll be back here to post then, thanks.

Okee dokee. Just to be clear you restored version to version and all the extensions show up on ‘sip show peers’ ? What does the log show when you dial internally?

The backup was of the config and cdr and asterisk db, on FPBX-2.11.0(11.4.0), the restore was to, I think, FPBX-2.11.0(11.5.1). I can try to update the original machine if the asterisk difference from 11.4.0 to 11.5.1 is significant in that regard, and perhaps it is. I am not sure how I got the two boxes out of sync as I think all freepbx modules are up to date, and I don’t recall updating anything else other than through Freepbx gui. Now that I think about it, I probably used the latest distro when I built the new machine a few weeks ago, so that could explain the 11.4.0 to 11.5.1 difference.

Assuming I need to get the original machine to 11.5.1, what’s the best way to do so, and thanks for any pointers.

Sip show peers shows all extensions, all active; trunk is online and registration is good.

I need to look at the log again, It showed all extensions as reachable as I recall, but I will need to get back on this tomorrow.

Thank you.

Ok, no the point difference should not matter.

so will have to wait til next weekend when I am back in town, and thanks for the help Skyking.