Phones not ringing consistently behind a Sophos - XGS116w


We’ve got a few phones that don’t ring consistently they are behind a Sophos XGS116w which we don’t manage, and we’ve gotten access to it to solve the issue with the phone not consistently ringing.

We’re pretty sure that there is something in the Sophos configuration causing this as when we used to manage the network we didn’t have any issues with our pfSense firewall.

Has anyone experienced this before? What did you change in the firewall to make it work?

Try setting a short e.g. 120 seconds registration expiry on the phone, and/or setting a longer UDP timeout in the FW, e.g. 300 seconds.

If no luck, report what appears in the Asterisk log about the device unreachable, lost registration, etc.

We’ve updated the FW based on your recommendation unfortunately it didn’t make a difference.

I got confirmation from people on site that it’s not working but I was told that it was a completely different issue; two of the phones out of total of four aren’t ringing although I can see that they’re registered.

The models are Yealink SIP-T21PE2 and WP722 & Grandstream DP750 Base Station.

All on pjsip.

With pjsip logger on, make a failing test call to one of the problematic extensions. Paste the Asterisk log for the call at and post the link here.

Have had similar issues with phones not ringing consistently in ring groups, phones were behind Sonicwall. Finally gave up and threw it in the trash, tried disabling SIP ALG and enabling consistent NAT, still had issues.

Phones were all remote, server was hosted on Vultr

No sure exactly what caused the Yealink and I found that someone had turned on DND on the Grandstream.

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